Ultimate Soccer - Football‏ for Android

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في نهاية المطاف لكرة القدم هو # 1 غامرة واقعية 3D كرة القدم لعبة محاكاة.
  • yoemyw

    yoemyw Good game It kills time and is fun but it could looks more realistic and I almost won the match 17-1 but it glitched and I had to quit on world cup finals could make it harder it is too easy Amazing!

  • TerryUnrau

    TerryUnrau Good on scoring goals You can stay from half line and press shoot and u can score but if u shoot the ball and it hit a player and it is going for corner it will disappear into keepers hand Well done!!

  • jrschell

    jrschell Good The only cons is the graphics and if you quit it counts as a loss, which I think is unfair and the good is the size of the game, which is 10 times smaller than FIFA 15 UT. Good