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لعبة التنس رقم 1 في العالم

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الإصدار: 3.10.4205
حجم: 134M


لعبة التنس رقم 1 في العالم

ادخل الساحة!
قم بتجميع وترقية عشرات من المهارات واللاعبين لهزيمة خصومك والفوز بالكؤوس.
استخدم الاستراتيجيات لقيادة فريق التنس نحو النصر!

يُرجى ملاحظة! تتاح Ultimate Tennis الآن للتنزيل واللعب مجانًا، ومع ذلك، يمكن أيضًا شراء بعض عناصر اللعبة مقابل مال حقيقي.
إذا كنت لا ترغب في استخدام هذه الميزة، يُرجى تعطيل عمليات الشراء داخل التطبيق من إعدادات جهازك.

يتطلب اتصالاً بالشبكة.

العناصر المميزة
● لاعبو ثنائيات من حول العالم في الوقت الحقيقي
● اكسب "صناديق الساحة" لفتح الجوائز، وجمّع بطاقات مهارات/لاعبين جديدة، وقم بترقية الحاليين
● قم ببناء منصة فريق أولتميت لإلحاق الهزيمة بخصومك
● تقدّم عبر مستويات الساحة المتعددة وأنت في طريقك نحو القمة
● اكسب في جولتك ضد لاعبي الذكاء الاصطناعي، واغز العالم، واحصل على جوائز مفيدة في "جولتك العالمية"
● استخدم مهارات متنوعة مثل، الفولي، وسلايس، ودروب، ولوب، وتدوير علوي، ولفّ، وغيرها الكثيرة
● قم بتلبيس اللاعبين أزياءً فريدة واجعلهم يظهرون كما لو أنهم مشاهير رياضيون

* إشعار إذن الوصول إلى اللعبة
· مساحة تخزين خارجية: يلزم الحصول على الإذن لتخزين بيانات اللعبة ولكن لن تصل إلى الملفات الشخصية مثل الصور.

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تعليقات حول Ultimate Tennis‏

  • isq2009

    isq2009 New update sucks World tour opponents much harder to beat suddenly...with their new ability to use super shots. My players also now making more errors. This really SUCKS. Other languages are showing up on limit break pages and random errors. Also...still being kicked out of every other arena match cuz "other player not responding"...when they r still playing. Yet it still takes my energy. Too many updates lately that are not helping Superb!

  • nikeshoesplaza

    nikeshoesplaza Fascistic Best tennis game out there for sure best graphics I've Seen in a very long time on any game Good

  • beepSpend

    beepSpend Realistic Love tennis... Love this game... It's realistic and the developers have really thought through to keep the interest levels high Perfect!

  • OilTradersToday

    OilTradersToday Very very very good. Probably the best in the world It is very good game but i think you should give the room numbers and also fix the arena playing mode. But this are very small issues after all you are the best.i am not getting 30 coins for seeing video fix it. This is very important that i want to tell you that the arena mode is very neatly working on 4g and 3g conections but not on 2g.I also read some comments they are stupid who say your change is waste. I think it now a lot of challenging for the player. Who is a real gamer never complaint such changes Highly Recommend.

  • skippy1493

    skippy1493 Best tennis game out there. The title says it all, though it has flaws, I don't know any tennis games better than this one. Superb!

  • dannywealson

    dannywealson Excellency in bugs This game is one of the best virtual tennis game ever made. I almost quit playing all other games I used to playing after installing it. But.... beside making a gamer addict to it, it has another quality (!) of having countless bugs. People started calling the developer 9M(illions) buged. But, I cant resist to give it 5 stars though. Best fun & addictive game. You cant deny after when you start playing it! Perfect

  • rjjmbx

    rjjmbx Mesmerizing Butter flow interface, just one feedback i.e. dressing is so hard to develop, make it count with gold or coins..cheers Enjoy it!

  • sotero

    sotero I really enjoy this game but with the new update it's harder to control players, what a shame!! Please fix it. Great!

  • algumwood

    algumwood Awesome game ! Please introduce offline mode , then it will deserve to get 5 stars . Recommend

  • jamesrussellsec

    jamesrussellsec Nice game You make an overall nice and addictive game here. I am playing this game every day, nice graphics with good control with one handed and two handed . Over all it deserve 5 star. Now talk about issues and some changes in the game to make it more attractive. In the gameplay I found this issues in probably in minor times "the ball is hanged in the gameplay. I found this issue mostly in multiplayer "Arena " feature. Now about changes you should add more man gold players. wow lol

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