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الإصدار: 1.17.24
حجم: 49M


UniWar ™ هي لعبة استراتيجية متعددة اللاعبين تعتمد على الأدوار مع مجتمع ممتع ورعاية.
اختر عرقك بناء جيشك. قيادة القوات الخاصة بك. قهر العالم.

الملايين من الألعاب لعبت:
"... من المستحيل التفريط حتى لو كنت مهتمًا عن بُعد بألعاب استراتيجية تعتمد على الدوران." - TouchArcade
"... أنا حقًا رهيب بكل ما تم التقاطه وتعبئته بدقة في UniWar ..." - AppCraver - 10/10

3 سباقات ، ولكل منها 10 وحدات مختلفة.
حملة منفردة مع 30 مهمة.
لعب البعثات اليومية من اختيار المحرر.
اللعب الجماعي يسمح 2v2 ، 3v3 و 4v4.
العب عرضًا أو تنافسًا مع سلم عالمي.
العب سريعًا أو بطيئًا مع مدة دورة من 3 دقائق إلى 3 أيام.
50000+ المستخدم خلق خرائط للاختيار من بينها.
مجاني للعب: تنزيله الآن.

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تعليقات حول UniWar‏

  • dixon85

    dixon85 Freakin awesome If you are looking for a turn based strategy game that is free to play, updated regularly, not pay to win, and perfectly balanced then this is the game for you. I've downloaded loads of games and been poorly disappointed this is definitely not one. 5 star

  • realmarid77

    realmarid77 Great free Strategy Game Similar to Advance Wars. This game has fluid animations and straightforward layout, controls. Information about units and terrain are easy to access. Go well

  • peridot

    peridot Tremendously fun strategy game. Recent improvements like green glow for unmoved units and visible terrain bonuses make this game more accessible for new players. The map editor has yielded 100s of user-generated maps. You can play bots, unranked games, ranked games solo or in pairs as well as lots of tournaments. Marvelous

  • bkcgu4t35326

    bkcgu4t35326 Great tactical fun and essentially free A great little game, made all the better by having 3 different races each with 7 units with different abilities to learn how to use/play against on a wide variety of maps. It's totally free to play unless you want to upgrade (eg. more concurrent games). And these guys are constantly improving the game, making it more awesome all the time Must have

  • dreamflightme

    dreamflightme Best game I have Great game play and theme. Fantastic developer involvement: the main dev checks global chat daily. As yet the only game I've ever spent money on. Fabulous!

  • Reanyintide

    Reanyintide Great community + fantastic game This turn based strategy game is polished and simple with undercurrent themes of games gone by. The gameplay itself is skill based with a pay system that doesn't enable you to win but rather play more games simultaneously or put up your own maps for other plays to duke it out on. I definitely suggest giving this game a try if you like putting a game down and thinking about your next move to achieve victory. Cool

  • fvvejzzluz

    fvvejzzluz High quality game... ... and finally a good management of private messages, this makes a difference, well done dev team. Your regular updates always enhance the experience in a good way. I recommend this game to all tactics and strategy fans. Highly Recommend.

  • jyqyhvip

    jyqyhvip Simple fun Good turn based wargame. Terrain, different unit types and a good story make it entertaining, while easy to get in to. Works perfectly

  • amcgolzx

    amcgolzx Best game available Love this game! Stratagy at its funnist. Grate community of players! A game that won't end up getting deleted. wow lol

  • drrzqbtw

    drrzqbtw The best If you like strategy turn base then I wholeheartedly recommend uniwar its the best by miles Surprisingly

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