تحميل Up Hill Racing: Car Climb للحصول على الروبوت


معظم الادمان الفيزياء على أساس لعبة سباق السيارات & لعبة سباق الدراجة.

( 396,426 )
الإصدار: 1.05
حجم: 17M


الفيزياء تستند معظم الادمان سباقات السيارات والدراجة لعبة سباق قادم!
السيطرة على السيارة أو الدراجة لتسلق التلال مع معظم السيطرة واقعية لمواجهة تحديات البيئات شاقة وهبوطا فريدة من نوعها. كسب المكافآت من الحيل وجمع القطع النقدية لرفع مستوى السيارة والوصول إلى مسافات أعلى من ذلك.

- الكثير من المركبات المختلفة مع ترقيات فريدة من نوعها (العديد من السيارات المختلفة: شاحنة الوحش، خزان، جيب، الخ)
- ترقية المحرك، والإطارات، تعليق، والتناوب والغاز والطاقة، 4WD، الخ
- مشاهد عديدة مع المستويات للوصول في كل منهما.
- متعددة! يمكنك تحدي أصدقائك الفيسبوك أو المستخدمين عشوائي.

تأتي هذه للانضمام إلى هذا جنون شاقة لعبة سباق تسلق الآن! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Up Hill Racing: Car Climb

  • keensolution

    keensolution Up hill climbing This game is the best because I love how the cars are really cool and I really like it a lot. Perfect

  • dlycpy

    dlycpy Game is very fun i played the first couple and this is aboit he same fun easy time killed Amazing!

  • Canadian

    Canadian Fun game Easy to play, ideal for quick games , there are ads but not obtrusive or frequent. love it

  • clemismeale

    clemismeale Love this game Great game . Each level is challenging but can get farther with each upgrade to vehicles. Upgrade to car is done the way you want more power or traction or balanced. You decide. Highly recomend. Ads are done right short video every four races very short video. I love this game. I will be looking at developers other games. Worth it!

  • cameron01

    cameron01 Sound I'd give it a 5, but the vehicle sound keeps cutting out when I get a bunch of coins in a row on my droid turbo. Not bad

  • ericelliotcameronz

    ericelliotcameronz PLEASE FIX CRASHING! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Would give 5 stars if you could fix the crashing In middle of playing every time I'm playing it freezes and when I go back in it makes me watch an ad and then my car crashes it's really pis sing me off PLEASE FIX ASAP AS I DO LIKE THIS GAME Well done!!

  • fachez24

    fachez24 Good concept Disappointed that it's the same thing as the other hill climb racing. But it's a lil buggy and doesn't always give pts. Otherwise it's actually kinda difficult because of the lack of pts available to progress. I like the game but just needs a lil tuning Fantastic

  • johnnydotson529

    johnnydotson529 Wicked Fun and challenging. AWESOME great work. I dont see how people can diss on it because of the steering. I mean come on its not a playstation 4, but its fun when the tv is taken over by the kids. Lol Just wow

  • vishenlakhiani

    vishenlakhiani Addicting I would give it a 5 but i have come across a few bugs. Like randomly stopping and saying downed driver. And not properly counting points. And not registering airtime and flips. So not gaining right coins. But still fun to play Amazing!

  • maltislent

    maltislent Really good game. This game is pretty fun and makes time pass by quick. The only problem I have had, and 99% of the time ot happens on the first level, is that sometimes when the suspension bottoms out too hard the car freezes and almost everytime when it unfreezes the timer is several seconds ahead and you are flipped over. Other than that I have no real gripes, it is an excellent game. It takes a little time to get coins built up but the game is so fun you won't notice. Gas to lean backward, brakes to lean forward. Works perfectly

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