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  • adfymqg

    adfymqg وووووووووووووووووووووووووووووااااااااااااااااااااووووووووووو لللللعبة ببتجننننن

  • uylsjppzoeg

    uylsjppzoeg جميل رووووووووووووووعة ولكن يقضي وقت طويل للانتقال من مرحلة لاخرى

  • xgrmztc

    xgrmztc لعبه تقلد لعبه هي دي نفس كل شي اذا مافتح معك لعبه هي دي نزل هذي والله نفس الشي ههه ماامزح

  • gemjkxo

    gemjkxo عجبتني اللعبه نفس نظام هاي داي زايد الجرافكس احلا بس فيها بطئ يريت تحلونها وبالنسبه لصناديق الحظ يريت تكون نفس هاي داي يعني اكثر وقتها مقفله ولاتعطيك الا بالجواهر تفتح. وشكرا لكم

  • aodeukuejs

    aodeukuejs واللله تهبل يويلكم عليها والله العب تجنن وتهبل وانصح كل واحد يحملها والله بعد مدمن عليها تستاهل ملاين نجمه مااسلك تجنن وان احبها الله يعطيها العافي الي خترعها احسن من هي دي وهي دي ماتحمل عندي. احبكم كلكم يابعدي انتم

  • nprice123

    nprice123 Money I can't collect money....that's why I can't use my ship.. otherwise superb, mind blowing , addicted, lovely game 5 star

  • Rijvan

    Rijvan Village & farm I love the game though 1 thing i hate about the game is i hardly get the things required to expand my farm....pls help Superb!

  • stallioninc

    stallioninc Help !! I recently upgraded and now I can't fish, it keeps kicking me out of the game. Just wow

  • browenharley

    browenharley Just one fix This game is awesome and I love playing it but if y'all could make a option under the choices y'all give us to set reminders to remind us that someone bought are stuff because if y'all could do that that would make this game cooler than it's already is!!! Just wow

  • dgokmooejw

    dgokmooejw Farm Love the game but omg.... I can't upgrade my storage, I never get enough blue diamonds, and there are really no directions or you can't figure out what to do Surprisingly

  • rolgwxjhPA

    rolgwxjhPA Love it! Fun to pass time & addictive! Wish game wasn't so touchy- I have wasted several diamonds by accident. (Sped up my growing crops process & production of products).... AS OF RECENTLY EVERY TIME THE OLD LADY IN PINK "GIVES ME A GIFT TICKET" (MAIL ) - IT'S NEVER ADDED. I'VE BEEN ON "4" TICKETS NOW THE LAST 3-4 TIMES & THIS IS ONLY SINCE I NOTICED. I HAVE NOT "ACCIDENTALLY" USED THEM EITHER. -12-8-2015.... AS of 8/10/2016 my child downloaded the game on another device and his production of supplies takes 15-35 mins more than mine. Works great

  • stygmah

    stygmah Chocolate Any reason why the chocolate in candy machine takes 20 (!!!!!!!!!!!) hours?? Wasn't that supposed to be 2? It's a non-sense. Otherwise great game, loving it, enjoying the new ducks and lobsters too! Good idea. Are you having more surprises like this for the future? Btw what happens after level 99? Guys, the chocolate is blocking my production of sweets!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Omg

  • AsJoseph

    AsJoseph Enjoyable but.... I really like this game but I need friends to visit and trade with. How do you get friends if none of your Facebook friends play? Otherwise, great game! 5 star

  • rajubalin

    rajubalin It's exactly like Hay Day. It even has a helpful scarecrow telling you how things work. I like it and it's pretty fun. good. Good

  • DonaldHarris

    DonaldHarris Super cool It Is really addictive but I never knew it needed an internet connection to load and now am out of data. **so sad** Perfect!

  • utscenter

    utscenter I enjoy the game yet I am now unable to fish. I can do everything else except fish. When I try it either kicks me out of the game or let's me in and before I can fish it shuts down please fix this issue I don't want to stop playing thank you Muito bom!

  • EnesseVexpeme

    EnesseVexpeme Villiage and farm I love the game but after installing an update it no longer loads whats going on none of my programs open after updating im on galaxy prime Great!

  • angelhorn37

    angelhorn37 Disconnected I keep on being disconnected when I got certain achievement. When I reconnect to the game, I repeat the same thing, then I was disconnected again when I got that achievement again. My connection was fine, no trouble at all when I use another app. Please fix this. Not bad

  • lee_yong_mun

    lee_yong_mun I like it. Could you pls unfreeze my achievement award on make 25000 at the market place? I have made over 80000 and it has not even released the 25000 award. It just hangs Works perfectly

  • fredrickoliv38

    fredrickoliv38 Awesome graphics, love the game. The recent update has created network connection issues. Please fix!! Omg