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  • Paulfemymum

    Paulfemymum Love this game, but it takes so long for plants to be revived. Currently waiting over two weeks..... please fix that, it's very inconvenient. Thanks :) Superb!

  • dynapep

    dynapep can't fish Everytime I try to go fishing the game shuts down. Also it takes to many coins to buy things. Cool

  • randecustoms

    randecustoms Its Active I like how you can play like you have a real farm. And it connects to my Facebook 5 star

  • PanCracyXYZ

    PanCracyXYZ It takes too much time I like it but somehow it takes too much time to upgrade because of the gems. Plus there is no other gem resources other than level ups and purchases. And gems are very expensive. I was like "seriously? ". This game is very expensive Perfect

  • JeromieTIG

    JeromieTIG Market Issue It would be nice if an user is able to edit prices of goods placed in the market. So that one can adjust prices of those goods which haven't been sold for considerably long time Omg

  • TupgUavapax

    TupgUavapax Awsmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee It's the best game ever.....We can build our own village....Again it's a best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Must have

  • arthurmccart614

    arthurmccart614 Fun but needs work This game is fun and addictive BUT the games needs an update to fix the issues. Everytime I play the game on my phone or tablet, it restarts my device. This is very irritating and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Until then, I'm uninstalling the app from both of my devices. Works perfectly

  • Antistermirem

    Antistermirem Its a great game but... Its a great game but its difficult to get the money you need to level up in the game, its good because its not one of thoes games you complete over night, but it doesnt all ways give you your rewards and sometimes when you speed up your items you dont get them. Brilliant

  • jxujvho

    jxujvho I like the game but COPYRIGHTED!! I play hay day and I see that the way that the corn is styled is actually hay day styled and all of the crops love it

  • agonzym

    agonzym ? How do I send letters? Why does my errand boy have a time? What are the scrolls for and how do I use them? Cute animals, good concept, but not enough instruction Good

  • globalgps

    globalgps I love it So cool game get it or you'll cry if you Dont reader; they made this game for a reason 4 us to like and play that is why they say rate us to see if you like the game they will change the game if they have to that is a good person and deal with it! I love it and you will to Fantastic

  • lionelperry1229

    lionelperry1229 Great game! A few suggestions though. Please upgrade it more. Also,would be even better if a few things were added. Would be more realistic if the grass grew and we had to mow it. Therefore, a lawn mower to be purchased. Also,a grill,etc. Would be nice if we could upgrade our house as we go along. Other than these things this game is by far the best farming game available. Been playing it for monthssss,any chance I get,and I love it! love it

  • vdozkmky

    vdozkmky Still a good game, but really some of it is not so good. 20 hours to make chocolate? Really? Noping right out of that! And diamond rings are prohibitive to make as well, so I don't. Also, please allow the messenger boy find building materials & stakes, etc; they've gotten pretty rare and I'm going to have to expand my barn soon. Great!

  • globalnetwork6048244

    globalnetwork6048244 Addictive This is super addictive... Best game to spend leisure time... Good

  • lawrenceball24

    lawrenceball24 LOVE IT Love it can't stop playing it the best game ever way way way better then minecraft thankyous so much I got all my friends playing it love it xoxox Well done!!

  • michellewright

    michellewright Great game but does crash a lot after smaller levels. I have plenty of space so idk why. Also, sound animals come thru phone after games logged off. It's very annoying! Please fix. Surprisingly

  • ptuturcam

    ptuturcam Ai ai ai! I really love this game.. Its exciting and fun and colorful.. But right now i have a problem... I can not increase my storage cause i need rope and nails and a few other things i cant get. I cant harvest crops or collect my eggs, milk nothing... Right now i really cant do anything.. Im very much stuck... Creators, isnt there some way you can help me plz? Im making awesome progress and i dont want to lose it all because of being stuck without necessities. Please help? Worth it!

  • cloud21pr

    cloud21pr Well done! Should have more games that atr With Fi free there are those le who can't afford it like me. Regards Pretty good

  • ptutorschi

    ptutorschi This game is fun, but I wish it doesn't take so long to load when I buy something from other farms Fantastic

  • harmtsz

    harmtsz Mom of 3 and one with ADHD who also loves the game. Great game and I am a grown up Mom just taking a break from a stressful day. Thanks Brilliant