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  • ptutordur

    ptutordur I give 4 star because there is no chatting system,we need tools for upgrading silo and barn but from where we get these things Flawless

  • kpcwriting

    kpcwriting Gift cards Can someone please explain me how or where I get those gift cards from??? Other than that,I really love this game! :) Not bad

  • ptutorsfre

    ptutorsfre Fun in an easy going sort of way...keeps me n my son entertained. Like it well enough Good

  • twallarobertson

    twallarobertson Super cooòoooooooool I really love this game my family friends grand pa grand ma and me loooooove it im ten years old Works great

  • ptutorspla

    ptutorspla How do you get the chicken feed to come out of the bag I keep driving it and drag it over to where they are and nothing comes out of the bag and my poor chickens are hungry?? Worth a go!

  • Farben

    Farben After scanning thru the reviews, thought I'd download and try... Will let you know more in a few weeks Enjoy it!

  • ranga1965

    ranga1965 It won't load I recently installed the game bk on my phone and a message keeps pop up saying... Maintenance ! 2H love it

  • Garrett_Press

    Garrett_Press Excellent Excellent game love the different theme and this is a much better game than the first let's farm game Perfect

  • chopraenterprise

    chopraenterprise Love it almost as good as hay day! Also I honestly think this is better than you're other farm game. Great job

  • Rerarhydram

    Rerarhydram Expand the farm I try to expand my farm but cnt bcoz its shows need to connect to the farm...i m already connect to the farm but y its show like me to solve this problem Superb!

  • parkerhanson13

    parkerhanson13 I've just noticed that I have a pet prionailuras cat is missing - it has know been over 2 months, still missing, I won't play this game until you put it back - if I get a new tablet, I don't know if I would download these game again-update since 30th March, SO HAPPY TO SEE MY CAT IS BACK. Thank You. Go well

  • jarrettsolis0253

    jarrettsolis0253 need tools plz fix tools help .how i make frnds for require of tools .and my barn is full .i cant play properly play .so plz fix the help frnds and chat hood wow lol

  • jefferymeado37

    jefferymeado37 Well, i played this game before and as i was on level 9 something happend! And so i dont know why i rated 5 stars! Must have thought wrong! But i actually think this game is stupid!!!! Muito bom!

  • augustineeve0517

    augustineeve0517 Great game Only issue I have with game thus far is the exclamation mark doesn't leave when people don't need help anymore Marvelous

  • swelsottate

    swelsottate Really like this game! I really like this game, and play it all the time. I do have a small issue that needs to be taken care, my pets. I've been playing a few months now, and i'm level 51. I have a dog, 2 cats and a horse, but, for the last week, or so, I have not been able to feed any of them. I should be able to feed them at least once a day. You need to adjust this, I know it's for experience points, but, we should feed them daily. Recommend

  • billyalvarez43

    billyalvarez43 Dropped to 3 Plz help us in expanding the farm in tht sml boy which v spend coins nd diamonds he does nt search for thngs whc help in expanding the farm plz do smsthng abt tht Perfect!

  • aberollins717

    aberollins717 Great but fix glitches please I love this game but there's a massive glitch. Gems earned in the house building aren't able to be collected. Also the yellow ! doesn't disappear when someone doesn't need help. Omg

  • vhongani

    vhongani Village and farm Thanks you guys for the summer decorations!! Cute!! And the oh so cute hats on the farm animals!! Great stuff great game!! Well done!!

  • Bestwaisa

    Bestwaisa Thank you letters. I'm not getting all of my thank you letters. Sometimes it says my box is full but when I click I get nothing. Please fix. Great!

  • timlarson311

    timlarson311 LOVE IT!!! Its better than FarmTown! Absolutely addicted since I started, last night... lol Cool