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  • jonathannorm922

    jonathannorm922 Liked it I like the game. My only complain is that it takes too long for the game to load/connect. Please fix. Thank you. Just wow

  • harleybaldwi421

    harleybaldwi421 Nyc but ... Cool game bt it hangs mostly forcing me to reboot my device ... plz fix this bug ... 5 star

  • benjaminsims913

    benjaminsims913 Best game ever I love this game. Before updating this game hang again and again and not work properly please fix this problem. Fabulous!

  • rodrigobarto0921

    rodrigobarto0921 Not but four days in and its mind numbing boring and EXPENSIVE! Just another money grubbing game that charges you to progress. You charge to advertise, you charge to remove, you don't charge to sell (Only if you have friends playing) but when one finds this out, you then overly charge them with diamonds to remove the product and then charge diamonds again to sell through advertising. Its sad that you made what could be a great game, so numbing in less than four days. More, more, more.... Diamonds. Even charged to receive a gift chest of three diamonds. And you have to CONTINUALLY pay out in more and more and then WAY MORE (it keeps getting jokingly expensive to expand your storage buildings) in diamonds for your two storage barns, as you EASILY grow but you DON'T easily gain diamonds... Unless you CONTINUOUSLY pay out your bum for them... Easy to charge, hard to get. Congrats, you ruined this game, at least for me.... Must have

  • mariocaldwel821

    mariocaldwel821 Great game Only issue I have with game thus far is the exclamation mark doesn't leave when people don't need help anymore why is there no response it's really a pain to waste more time looking at farms that don't need help Amazing!

  • BedBugsNJ1c

    BedBugsNJ1c Love it Just curious, are hayday and this app have just one owner?coz they're sooo similar.the graphic of this one is just better Awesome

  • iroimuaiuer

    iroimuaiuer Good game. It started amazing but the farther you get the slower it gets with stuff to do. Love it though. Works perfectly

  • afiiqgd

    afiiqgd Love it!! I'm addicted... Graphics r great... No glitches. Would love if there were mini games in between to earn extra coins tho... That would b nice!!! Highly Recommend.

  • ioretgi

    ioretgi The game is well done but have to wait a long time for products and buildings, I would rate it 5 if wait times were not quite so long

  • hjulyls

    hjulyls No way to restart from beginning I want to start the game from beginning but while I login to Facebook the old farm is restore no way to start from beginning after login to facebook

  • yblize

    yblize Farm all you can! Plant, harvest, sell and gain. This game is fun and stress reliever. Loved the animals and the neighbors too.

  • egyetsdf

    egyetsdf need more instructions in the start i am playing already for 20 min and i cant pass the start i am using my jems but the arrow is still there

  • bmdgaexcv

    bmdgaexcv Addictive This is super addictive... Best game to spend leisure time...

  • zsaixbih

    zsaixbih I would like to make a suggestion! Sometimes I drag something to the production, but because of the proximity of the products, I drag something wrong. Would be awesome if we can change the order of the things in production... This happens to me really often and delay all my farm planning (hahaha) and I'm sure others have the same problem! Please, could you guys from Playday, consider this change? Thanks a lot in advance!! You will make a lot of users very happy, I'm sure!!

  • owybqivuow

    owybqivuow So nyc game,easy playing,easy upgrades n benefits.... Better not to uninstall as I did with other games

  • incaniadrense

    incaniadrense Won't let me fish. It kicks me off every time, really aggravating. This game is fun and relaxing just wish it would let me do the fishing. Until then I rate it a 3 sorry. Please fix this, if possible

  • ecrelease2

    ecrelease2 It make best game from hay day when he had train area and lobster maker It make the best game in the world when he had lobster in fishing area and yrain station

  • ris2234

    ris2234 LOVE IT Love it can't stop playing it the best game ever way way way better then minecraft thankyous so much

  • jlivczxpvlk

    jlivczxpvlk Question How can i recover my game levels when i change my phone please help me.i am at 42 level after hard work...

  • bushbabe

    bushbabe Accidentally I reset my phone then I lost my stage. Now I am starting from first stage .I like it but happens bad thing