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  • rufushobbs48

    rufushobbs48 Hate you have to buy jewels I would have given the game a five if you didn't have to buy jewels for everything.

  • leonardolott111

    leonardolott111 price The game is awsome but the prices are 2 much a big amount of coins is required to buy things

  • armandhodge610

    armandhodge610 cute really cute and fun to play but it always crashes and forget trying to fish won't even get to place before crashes on you if would fix would probably rate better

  • profitminute

    profitminute The game is well done but have to wait a long time for products and buildings, I would rate it 5 if wait times were not quite so long, also bug on trader always asking for items I do not have yet, the mine and docks cost 25,000 to build and I do not have coin to build and trader asks for items from those so I can't fill orders, spent diamonds to get new orders so I can pores and trader again asks for ore and I do not even have the mine open, so no way to do much my barn full, nobody buys from market, I can make no money in game

  • reageviallema

    reageviallema Cute animals and buildings There r so many cute little animals and the buildings look so cute best game ever

  • urxcipc

    urxcipc Just imitation of hay day This is a good game and graphics r also good but flat is that this is just like hay day

  • gamehubdirect

    gamehubdirect Naina Game is very nice I love it but factory time is very long plz I requested u short timing in factory & plz plz plz boy hire its free bcz I have no diamond plz accept my request Works perfectly

  • bisciruts

    bisciruts Facebook connection I cannot connect to friends on FB to sell goods to them. How can this be improved? Pretty good

  • dlovelace

    dlovelace i hv a problem but its not reinstalling .i had uninstalled but now ooo.. plzz.. mend it as early as possible. Perfect!

  • petermerry

    petermerry My favourite game But...can't open the game now ..Phone going to shutdown..... wow lol

  • casinorewards

    casinorewards Nice I love this game but they need to fix the glitches and I can't do much on mine right now cause everything moved to the left :( love it

  • wendya

    wendya Crash Problum during connecting other farms and fish area Unfortunatly villege farm is stoped message apear. Crash prblm during connecting other farms and fish area on glaxy grand neo. Plz solve it. Not bad

  • Prentutt

    Prentutt Wow terrible rip-off This is CLEARLY a rip-off of Hay Day (tm) from the cows to the trading with neighbors feature. Wow. Great job.》÷( Muito bom!

  • powersprocket

    powersprocket Few minor fixes needed Would like it to ask to comfirm if you want to use diamonds to speed things up. Ive wasted 20 diamonds by accidentally hitting speed up. Needs another animal food producing store. Works perfectly

  • travelingmassage

    travelingmassage Amazing!!! This game is amazing, I spend a lot of time playing it, and the developers are amazing, they would help you if you have any problem.. Love it!

  • AnissaKaylin

    AnissaKaylin Good game Great game except it takes too long and hard to get the saws and axes or too many needed to chop just one tree. Not everyone belongs to Facebook to make it easier to obtain items.

  • paigem74

    paigem74 Advice for newcomers and a request A lot of activities to do and keep you occupied. It's fun even if you don't know how to play,'ll eventually catch on. Ensure you save up your gems. Turn on the gem confirmation in settings so you're less likely to spend it accidentally. And when you do get to level ¿14? and get the helper, use him wisely. You have him for a limited time, use him every 2hours even if you don't need anything in particular. Game developers, please consider lending us the helper for at least a few hours after that

  • geraldstave

    geraldstave Networking problems Was working fine till last night. Now it don't load at all n keeps telling me there's networking problems even though my data is on. All other apps work but this one. NOT HAPPY!!! Got a reply the very next day explaining what had happened and was given diamonds. More importantly.... THEY LET ME KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON!!! They didn't have too but they did n when I reinstalled I had no issues n diamonds where there as promised. The game is a great game and I've spent many hours playing. Thankyou guys.

  • vadzhlbwg

    vadzhlbwg Bugs Recently i've not received scrolls after completing boat shipments. Today(12/31/15), the game will no longer load. More instructions need to be available, I've had to figure out how things work and I'm still not sure how all of it works....and I'm on level 40. Otherwise its a good pretty game and graphics are good.

  • staidaxia

    staidaxia Nice game I've been playing this game for almost a half year now, but I still couldn't figure out where to get or find the free tickets. Plsssss help