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  • impaphasy

    impaphasy Duplicate and Amazing The same as Hay Day haha. no probs abt that bcs its amaaaaaazing as Hay Day too but smaller ;)

  • gauridewan

    gauridewan Awesome game Good game but am trouble when it don't show my fb friend .my 2 fb friends using farm and village but I can't see both

  • Liaillori

    Liaillori very nice its really curiosty based game .Really like it so much but barn capacity or silo capacuty gets lowr couldnt get material quikly to upgrade either the silo or barn :(

  • GregCSydney

    GregCSydney Amazing!! Its amazing! But very addictive!!I would suggest getting "let's farm" if u can't get this!!its basically the same thing except its older!!=D

  • remteuti

    remteuti Frustration I've spent a fortune and almost gave up the game but it's so cute. Somebody showed me how to sell goods from the barn. Thank goodness. It's hard to learn all the tricks when your used to easy games like restaurant story etc.

  • Argurnembergy

    Argurnembergy Good game I like the game. Is it possible to transfer my game to another device? How? I don't want to start all over again.

  • shopp1013

    shopp1013 errors Love this game but since the new update I have a lot of problems losing stuff I have earned. I saved 30 gift cards, they were gone. then I logged back in and the game made a purchase for me! I have had trouble accessing my scrolls and had trouble with purchasing items that have not been transferred to my storage. very frustrated with the game that I have loved.

  • potpourrideals

    potpourrideals It's a copy I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't just like Hay Day. Other than that, it's a very good game. Just don't copy off other games please. I haven't seen(yet)a copy of a game. It's so foolish to make a copy of a game that was already made. If you make a game, don't copy it off of your favorite game, please. Very good game. I am going to say it one more time... DON'T COPY GAMES!

  • sisainfosec

    sisainfosec Tough I find the game easy and fun. However, they only got a 3 star rating because they need to find a way to make things such as axes a little more easier to get. I have so many dead plants that I. Can't cut because I can't find axes.

  • arunagarg01

    arunagarg01 Wish there was a no star Thought this was gunna be a good game but it won't connect to fb and I get no replies from game creators. Don't waist your time downloading not worth it!!!!

  • billbloggs

    billbloggs It needs to be fixed! I can't buy nothing when I go to the paper boy. It has the picture of what a farm is selling, but when I go to buy something it's not there or was already bought. Other then that I really like the game.

  • gauravkhanna

    gauravkhanna Love the game just not the problems it has I will change to five star when you guys finally listen to your players. I love the game but it has major issues. My boyfriend can't get to my farm at all since we added each other on Facebook. And every time I go to his farm and help out I don't get my credit in the mailbox so I can get my prizes. I have lost about 49 of them already. so either fix the issues or we both are gonna uninstall this game.

  • scerrieme

    scerrieme Love the game BUT....... I'm not sure what is going on but today I have not been able to login to the game!!! If well not connect. My internet connection (I'm using wifi) is fine. Every time I go to buy something the article posted doesn't appear in the drawers. No one is buying my adds that I'm posting. My drawers are slam full. When I'm looking to buy "certain" items to fill my shipment I can't find them therefore I not getting my scrolls in time.... Totally aggravating!!!! Please fix this issue it is very disappointing!!!!

  • animate0123

    animate0123 Love it! Fun to pass time & addictive! Wish game wasn't so touchy- I have wasted several diamonds by accident. (Sped up my growing crops process & production of products).... AS OF RECENTLY EVERY TIME THE OLD LADY IN PINK "GIVES ME A GIFT TICKET" (MAIL ) - IT'S NEVER ADDED. I'VE BEEN ON "4" TICKETS NOW THE LAST 3-4 TIMES & THIS IS ONLY SINCE I NOTICED. I HAVE NOT "ACCIDENTALLY" USED THEM EITHER. -12-8-2015

  • prasopts

    prasopts Copy You are like copying hay day but all the stufv here are better. It would be better if you guys change the faces of the characters

  • Zidentieria

    Zidentieria From midnight not working It is showing 'networking problem' and i m having working internet but not able to reconnect. Pls fix d prob asap.. AT LEAST GIVE A RPLY. Even my negative comments were not accepted n posted on ggl play earlier bt i saw so many ppl have given a bad response. Pleaseee make it a bit fast. It runs only with internet cnnctn. Bt at least it should be fast enough. It takes too much tym to open n to visit anyones farm. N i tried a lot bt i m not able TO PLAY FROM STARTING EVEN AFTER REINSTALLING IT. Plss fix

  • PJarvis

    PJarvis Good concept...long play Is there a way to get my farm back after phone virus wipes all out? I like the graphics. The layouts aren't bad. The problem I find is the time most things take and overlap on long term goals, leaving boredom time in far excess. And in-game help is sparse after the scarecrow

  • Entilavoldita

    Entilavoldita Awesome I am azim sha's sister. I played the game. I love the game toooooooooooooooooooooooo............much. I know this game comes after the hay day game but hay day game's graphics is not so good like farm and village game.l know there is many differences between both game but farm and village game is tooooooooooooooooooooo good . This game is really toooooooooooooooooooooooo good game than hay day.Film trailer is really a brilliant idea.It gives diamonds.We actually need dimonds.Thanks farm & village.

  • kpopchaos

    kpopchaos Too long to wait 2 hours on your second animal? That's not fun. Save that for further levels, not right off the bat.. Works perfectly

  • halille

    halille Awesome except It awesome most farming games I wanted one that won't take up so much space in my phone and I. Don't have to wait millions of hours to move on. You always have son thing To do.. but I don't like it how u have to blue more storage in ur barn and shed becasue now I can't grow any more crops until I. Fond a nail. I wish we didn't have to use storage it just went in there but I managed to figure out how yo make it... the best game ever!!!! Plus I'm very picky about graphics abd stuff like that. The game rocks Cool