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الفيزياء واقعية جنبا إلى جنب مع ضوابط بديهية ورسومات جميلة تجعل هذه أفضل لعبة الكرة الطائرة على الهاتف المحمول. حرك إصبعك لإرسال الكرة الطائرة في الاتجاه الذي تريد، فمن السهل على التعلم ومتعة لسيده.

- بديهية، والضوابط إصبع واحد
- وضع الوظيفي
- وضع لعب الأدوار مع التدريب
- رسومات جميلة
- تقسيم الشاشة متعددة
- المتعدد على الانترنت
- شاطئ نيو الكرة الطائرة الساحة

المنافسة في البطولات الكرة الطائرة متعددة ويصبح بطلا للكرة الطائرة.

تنافس في الأماكن المغلقة أو في الكرة الطائرة الشاطئية الساحة والقواعد هي نفسها 2 لاعب الكرة الطائرة الشاطئية تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Volleyball Champions 3D - Online Sports Game‏

  • Dypefedlisedy

    Dypefedlisedy Best volley game Love it for the say you play it : simple and intuitive. Like to have more precision on serves and attacks. Also different serves and attacks. Maybe have energy to refill faster also. Thanks. Recommend

  • devonbolton1114

    devonbolton1114 No waiting time It would be better if u could play ur opponent immediately because it's tiring to wait for an hour just to play Fantastic

  • davidcbennett87

    davidcbennett87 I'm loving it I play volleyball by my own and this game is almost perfect. It's really awesome already, but may you add other ways to get the ball over the net? For ex: lay it over the block or in one corner, ... But this game is still freaking nice! Just wow

  • nareWeert

    nareWeert Frustrated volleyball player. Volleyball is one of my fave sports, I realy enjoy playing ds game, it's like real. Great job

  • xqpjqlttdoy

    xqpjqlttdoy Multiplayer is unplayable Timing is important in this game, yet when there's lag you can't tell when to swipe. The ball lands before I csn even respond. Please fix* Enjoy it!

  • dtpkrvvrhe

    dtpkrvvrhe Great Overall One thing I hate about it is that there is a grammatical error in the main home screen. There is an inspirational quote that reads, "Believe you can and your half way there." Please change "your" to "you're" or "you are." Cool

  • turioulty

    turioulty NICE!! What a nice game.. So addicted to this game but the multiplayer dont work i think there saomthing wrong to it pls fix it. I LIKE IT SO MUCH ..... Fantastic

  • eliavery716

    eliavery716 Needs Improvement. The wait time between games is awful. And I wish you would offer players a way to earn coins. Fabulous!

  • ronmaddox1127

    ronmaddox1127 Split screen mode How do you use split screen mode because it looks terrible due to one side being completely fine and the other side being all crookered Great!

  • olakorzxuzvad

    olakorzxuzvad It's an ok game Could be the best volleyball game in the market but have some things to get right first. First, there's only one game per match and is up to eleven or wining by 2. 2nd, there's a limited playing stuff, like you get blocked there's no digging the ball back from.a block. Only one player serves. Cannot move the server nor the blocker nor the attacker. And last and not less important. There's no free money. I'll give it a week to fix it or i'll delete the app!! Thanks Just wow

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