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Čeněk Štrichel

الطيران والقتال مع آلة فوكسل الخاص بك.

( 1,199 )
الإصدار: 2.4.1
حجم: 44M


تغلب على سجل في هذه اللعبة التي لا نهاية لها المستحيل. تجنب جميع الأعداء أو ببساطة تدميرها. يمكنك الاختيار من بين ستة أوضاع:

Explorer - السرعة البطيئة مع العديد من الأعداء.
الجنون - سباق مجنون مع سرعة سريع وأعداء أقل.
المدمر - تحطمهم جميعا! أعدائك ليس لديهم فرصة.
المهاجم - تدمير الأعداء والأشياء بالنار!
Cannoneer - فقط النار!
الأفق - السرعة الفائقة مع دوران يسار / يمين

كن أفضل لاعب في الأسبوع!

يمكنك ضبط صعوبة لجميع وسائط اللعب.

تحذير: إذا كان لديك أي مشكلة في وضع VR ، فجرّب VR SAFE MODE (الأزرار أدناه). هذا متوافق مع جميع الأجهزة.

- دعم Google VR (Cardboard) أو الواقع الافتراضي المماثل (VR) (بدون أزرار ، زر واحد)
- وضع ثنائي الأبعاد
- دعم Gamepad و nVidia Shield
- Android TV
- المتصدرين
- الإنجازات
- رسومات Voxel
- لا نهاية لها

يدعم لاعبي Cardboard:
جوجل كرتون VR
حلم اليقظة مع تحكم
برتقالي VR1
ماتيل فيوم ماستر
VRTX واحد
Fibrum VR
VR سمارتفيو
دمج VR

!!! ملحوظة !!!
إذا كان جهازك غير متوافق ، فذلك بسبب غياب الجيروسكوب. حتى من دون الجيروسكوب يمكنك لعب هذه اللعبة في وضع ثنائي الأبعاد (بدون VR). هذه اللعبة لن تغير جهازك إلى HTC Vive أو ما شابه.

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تعليقات حول Voxel Fly‏

  • Jennifernakos

    Jennifernakos 5 stars I downloaded alot of vr games and non of them came close to my idea of vr game but this one. It will be awesome for further updates in improving or other games that are like this but other formats like car, planes, or even fish would be awesome. Worth it!

  • stevenfri

    stevenfri Promising game Nice little game. Reminiscent of the film 'Fifth Element'. Would love to see more detail and variety in the buildings and oncoming vehicles. Would be happy to see real adverts on in game neon billboards too since it'd not only look cool but it'd bring in revenue for the developers and allow them to improve the game further. Aside from the graphical niggles my only other complaint is the drift which seems quite heavy. I used a swivel chair to play and was constantly having to swivel :D All in all though it's Cool

  • charliewilliam

    charliewilliam Awesome game and graphics Loved the game and graphics hope you make more like this. If you needed to change anything add more characters and different coloured cars. 5 star

  • treebill

    treebill Hope to see updates This game is pretty neat in both vr and as a casual game to pass the time. However, it does still have a few bugs such as the boundaries in the actual game. Overall the game is really smooth with amazing graphics! Just wow

  • sohajenny

    sohajenny Graphics issues The graphics on my phone look nothing like the screenshots. Everything is washed out, shadows missing. Let me know if you need a screenshot of how it looks. Works fine on tablet. Go well

  • pcbatteriesca

    pcbatteriesca Best mobile vr experience yet! It feels to me like what the 80's/90's thought virtual reality games would be like in the future and you know what, it's pretty damn fun Recommend

  • raghava1421

    raghava1421 Simple concept but great!! This is the smoothest and best looking vr game I've played on my phone. We need more games like this for vr!! Flawless

  • princeviper

    princeviper I like it This is a very smooth and stable build for a game and with more features I think this could be great! Works perfectly

  • LizHorne

    LizHorne Solid, and actually a game This isn't a 2 minute demo experience after which you are done with it forever. It's a legitimate arcade game. On my Cardboard with a 1st gen Moto X the graphics are so-so and motion sickness definitely builds up. Probably better suited for better hardware. But it runs smoothly enough and is actually challenging! I hope the devs keep it up Marvelous

  • mt_torq

    mt_torq Adjustable 3rd person angles plz First off, AMAZING. Smooth animation, can be played with/ without VR, the zooming cars hit each other and collapse with realistic physics and dont vanish, THEY STACK! LOL **Ideas** Adjustable 3rd person veiws, (close, medium, far, middle, slightly down, slightly up). powerup so we can hit cars into other cars. Road ragers, that try and hit you causing all kinds of problems. Instead of pausing, the button shoots/throws things( either a very slow firing rate, 1 shot every 5 seconds, power up or seperate mode. Fabulous!

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