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الإصدار: 2.0.7
حجم: 54M


تجربة الإحساس الحياة الحقيقي لهذه السفينة الدوارة 3D وبيئة مثيرة مع سماعة الواقع الافتراضي المحمول الخاص بك. محاولة VR الرول كوستر كما كان من المفترض أن يكون عن طريق طلب Wearality السماء مع ultra الميدان واسعة من عرض. أطلب هنا:

* اضغط مع 1 إصبع لإعادة معايرة الاتجاه إلى الأمام.
* اضغط مع 2 الأصابع إلى إعادة تشغيل ركوب!

كرتون مرور Google مدعوم تقديم مجسمة ورئيس لتتبع VR المحمول.
-Exciting تجربة السفينة الدوارة VR مع الحلقات والغطس.
-Vast، المدينة بشكل عشوائي التي غيرت كل مرة تقوم فيها بفتح التطبيق.
بيئة مثيرة -وهو مليئة الحشود الصاخبة، والمباني، والطيور، الدراجين يصرخ، والمنطاد.

تعلم المزيد عن Google كرتون اليوم!

يعمل مع أي سماعة مجسمة المحمول مع بني في التسارع. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول VR Roller Coaster

  • karlcruz410

    karlcruz410 I had to get off the cart Its good I even started feeling queasy from the motion but thats how I know the ride is a roller coaster :-P Just wow

  • otisgood1229

    otisgood1229 Great but The calibration seems to veer of to the left so I always need to turn a tiny bit Good

  • gusfligw

    gusfligw Similar to xd simulator I once went to a place in city stars Cairo and I wore glasses that made you watch the film ... I think it was the same goggles but the only difference was that these were cardboard and the other ones were iron Must have

  • loo0oody

    loo0oody Help plz I am new at Vr. I don't know how to play installed apps on vr. Its not showing in options. Plz anybody help me. I checked everything in store gallery everywhere. Good

  • fybhwljoxbg

    fybhwljoxbg Love it It's cool app!!! wish the flight were even more unrealistic and did some cool stuff like going around the building all the way top and then making free fall. Anyway what's the point of having Virtual Reality so you can experience unrealistic stuff that is not possible in real life!!! BTW The experience was awesome!!! Fabulous!

  • afennell

    afennell Ok at first It was ok at first but after using several times, it produces a distorted graphics like completely distorted. What to do?

  • donaldtan

    donaldtan Exciting I didn't know about the captioning and what everybody said about it but it does it for you and there is no in app purchases I think it is great think it is 5 stars

  • cesutton

    cesutton Awesome but I love this game and so dose my family but one thing we all said is "on the ride you cant look around maybe it just my device but my friend who owns a brand new iphone said the same thing please fix

  • cirilptom

    cirilptom This is great! Ignore other reviews. 1) This is not a game, you utter morons. 2) It's not about the quality of the rollercoaster or physics. 3) It's a VR demo, particularly good for Google Cardboard. As such, it's a really great way to demo the technology. Five stars.

  • tiucjcl

    tiucjcl Just as nauseating as real life This perfectly conveyed the motion sickness and annoying people screaming if real roller coasters which is great, but it did miss out on much of the actual excitement.

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