Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2‏ for Android

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  • axelculver

    axelculver Cool The need to see the turtial first before I use the gun itself I mean that they have limited tutorials. I am just saying that they should have unlimited tutorials. Muito bom!

  • courtesycorvettes

    courtesycorvettes Best app ever But can be better. Can you please add the Panzerfaust 3, the VSS, the PSS or the PSS2,the Vector .45, the wz.1988/96 Tantal/Beryl ( since their fire selector is very complicated), the Benelli M series, the SPAS-12? And I got another idea : make a Weaphone Prototypes, which would have only prototypes guns like the G11,the XM8, the Colt SCAMP, etc. So what would you say? Must have

  • yuchuan1

    yuchuan1 Brings people together I live in a hostle,there's always large conflict between my roommates,so when I showed them the app they all downloaded it,in fact they downloaded volume1 and the ww2 version as well,then we all began shooting at each other lmao!!! Worth it!

  • inciongdji

    inciongdji A lot of lag It doesn't respond vary fast, no mater what I do its vary slow it is a good app just not as responsive as I expected from it. Great job

  • manshma0

    manshma0 Variety/False Advertising This is a really good app but it lies when it says a different free weaphone every day, I got a Magnum 29 for a week straight and it gets boring pretty quickly Works perfectly

  • garzabar

    garzabar WW1? I know there weren't a lot of weapons in world war 1 but there were some that are quite interesting. Looking forward to see the next game if you do make one. Worth a go!

  • stbalaji2u

    stbalaji2u Great simulator Rated it four cauz it does not have any of the mini games in this part i loved the first version as it has many mini games in it but this version haven't one of them so plzz add some mini games in it in next update..... Muito bom!

  • tonesofielien

    tonesofielien Guns disappear Everyday when they give you the freebie I lose a gun, I'd like if you could fix that Great job

  • dibrid

    dibrid Wish that I could give it 10 stars! Amazing graphics and quality! I am a gun fanatic and this app is perfect for me. You guys should make a Weaphones: Metal Gear Solid! Recommend

  • jennifermagerbell

    jennifermagerbell Realistic Simulator Ignore every other gun similator that is not made by Original Plan. This is the only good one out there. The others pale in comparison. Definitely reccomend purchasing it as there are a lot more weapons. Just wow

  • shema_1

    shema_1 Wow Love it! like the way they made the weapons look and sound real. it is amazing. just one thing though,can you make the full edition free? Must have

  • digitalvidya

    digitalvidya Must play It is a miust play game but after few months you get a little bored. Still the new guns that come for a trial everyday keeps you interesting Fantastic

  • stoneworth

    stoneworth Its an awesome app for gun lovers who really wish to have a gun. Same operation and alike functioning. Its cool ! Worth it!

  • tricyclic antidepressants norepinephrine

    tricyclic antidepressants norepinephrine Good This game very fun on that day in the morning i wake up my mother for about 10 to 20 min so i used those gun to prank up my mother hahahahaha Muito bom!

  • bipolar disorder and strattera

    bipolar disorder and strattera It good but it could be better Its cool to give the simulation of a real gun but you should put a tutorial on how to properly hold a gun Go well

  • recrational strattera

    recrational strattera Very realistic This app is great and makes the firearms very realistic. I strongly recommend it for those who love guns 5 star

  • alepset

    alepset Gunned to have Ok its a good simulation app.but its gotta be optimized to the phones specs and graphics look and it sound right.but you realy gotta add more guns than just 8 for me to use Pretty good

  • catchmecupid

    catchmecupid Yeah really good The only thing that I do not like is that there are very less guns in the beginning. And u just SLOWLY get them and I have seen the most SAMSUNG phone's have the flash error. Bit I am NOw using some other phone Go well

  • Gtmoxie321

    Gtmoxie321 AWEESSSSSOMEEEEE APP I love it . The BEESSSTTT Gun Simulator series , Everyone Must try this App once . Thanks ORIGINAL PLAN Just wow

  • sabbiet

    sabbiet Good app I give it 4 only because of the lack of different guns sure you get at least 1 from each class like rifle pistol but i wish there was a coin system or credit for using it every day then when you get enough credit you can buy a new gun or 2 Not bad