Wedding Preparation Salon for Android

TNN Game
ر>مساعدة العروس القيام صالون الزفاف وتزيين لها غرفة الزفاف.
  • ycocnaabh

    ycocnaabh It's ok Nice but not that much coooooooooool how much I thought. I hate the comment when she says the dress is not perfect . I hate the barber shop and even her jewelery. I just played this 2 or 3 times and then I unistall it. Works great

  • CVWGroup

    CVWGroup Best Best. I not think it have too many ads i not agree with them Muito bom!

  • niallsneaf

    niallsneaf Amazing game This game so interesting game so all of u try once more who are hating this keep interest on this game I love it so much and my sister also like it very much it is wonderful game and I daily played with it so this is my feedback THANK U Brilliant

  • bokpelryereld

    bokpelryereld Its good but!!!!! When the bride's friend saw her dress she always says that it's not suitable for the seaside??????even it's suitable for the seaside Superb!

  • besteboral

    besteboral Bresi Handa I loved this game. There are so many things to do like spa, makeup, dress up and many more. I have really enjoyed this game. Please please please download it. Omg

  • demetrius519

    demetrius519 Superb game....... I enjoyed a lot while playing this game but please give some more dresses for boys....Please than I'll give you 5 stars really. Please do it.. Worth it!

  • Rigson333

    Rigson333 They all do it All of the apps are filld with adds well most or them but hey theyall have problems so if don't want a game with adds or problems then don't get anything and I love this game Cool

  • NaometakNaie

    NaometakNaie It's ok Every time i go out of the game and come back all of my gifts from my gf goes away Worth it!

  • xezkmooekv

    xezkmooekv Good but Why if i end game n then i open to play.... Everything in wedding room tertutup semula.... Why...=…( Flawless

  • Aybnqptgj

    Aybnqptgj Loved it If you don't, want ads then go to settings and off the WiFi. I do same. Nice bride Great job

  • kamagraoraljelly

    kamagraoraljelly Hmmmm it's a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good game and I love it.Everyone should download this lovely Game Flawless

  • sfeizofoipb

    sfeizofoipb My sister installed it in my phone The best thing is that has bugs her friend, her boyfriend and she herself become nude. LOL Well done!!

  • ling1607

    ling1607 I love TNN games awesome I löoooooooooooooooooove this game I say only two words download it was a mad who didn't lov this game Works perfectly

  • acidor

    acidor It's not too good......Whenever I dress the friend she says that it is not perfect...for the friend the dresses are not so good either not so bad!! Great job

  • circle69search

    circle69search Nice game I like this game My my daughter loves to play this game this game is really wonderful but I hate to dress her friend Cool

  • marvindalton424

    marvindalton424 Okay. I guess it's only okay because the brides face turned into a black square you could only see her eyes biking. Well done!!

  • merrillcrane511

    merrillcrane511 Ok This is a nice game in each and every game faults r there so no worries with sm small mistakes Amazing!

  • buckettoilet6

    buckettoilet6 It's okay but..... This

  • ParadigmGuy

    ParadigmGuy Friend Her friend is very selfish because she dislikes every single thing we make her wear even if it is nice . I want you to change this.

  • stef777

    stef777 Best game I love it so much