Wedding Salon - girls games for Android
Wedding Salon - girls games الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • infavafus

    infavafus It's gud but not great The girl....I love her,she is the most beautiful bride I've ever seen,but we can't dress-up the bride...that's the main problem. Perfect

  • leeruna24197

    leeruna24197 Superb , fabulous I am using my brother account . This game is awesome I like to play it . It kept away from being bored Brilliant

  • PukMackFaster

    PukMackFaster If there were no adds I wood give it five stars I wish there was more clothes. And more Mackup. Why don't they make one game with everything more than one. Amazing!

  • nevenar5

    nevenar5 Love it It is the best game ever why do people even need to rate this it totally obvious that it is top marks Omg

  • mgsr03

    mgsr03 [email protected] My daughter loves this game but it could be a little intredting more like ask u questions Recommend

  • kimlee2003

    kimlee2003 Poor . Very bad app don't download it. because its very slow. Waste of time. I'll see next time. If u fix this problem love it

  • jesuisbianka

    jesuisbianka Not bad It's OK it would be more fun if you could dress her up too... but its a good game Perfect

  • glassesusa

    glassesusa Good but.. It stops now and then! Dnt knw y:-(:-(:-( It is very intrsting bt dis prblm is very distracting! Plz fix it soon guys! Omg

  • bsapp1

    bsapp1 Cool Pretty good but instead of doing jus hair and makeup maybe we can design the dresses too also we could dresup her husband Superb!

  • vscloud

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  • ycsw2720

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  • AmitDkVohra

    AmitDkVohra I am in love with it Alusome funominial game it is the best get it youll love it and enjoy it 2 my besties freind that is 10 years old loved it 2 it is pretty intertaining preety i mean tottaly interesting it is cool i wanna show my feelings and and oppinions of this Game Great!

  • demetriaandjb

    demetriaandjb Cool! It's fun and is good when i have nothing better to do but play girlie games. Would be nice if the bride actually looked like she was going to a wedding and not a funeral, it would also be cool to dress her uo and the groom as well! Not bad

  • wlwoods61

    wlwoods61 How do I start? Well I like the game but the girl never smiles I think they should update this app There should be a setting and w boy it is kind of boring please update this! Perfect!

  • Lj200801

    Lj200801 Good not grt but i want some more clothes and hair plz update it and one more thing. We shld be able to put dresses also. Looking forward to my problems to be fixed. Otherwise everything is perfect 3stars :D Surprisingly

  • macoman

    macoman Pretty good The game is good, but it gets boring after a while. I think they need more choices. Fantastic

  • sunil786

    sunil786 It takes tooo much time to be downloaded I would like to request the owner to please set it in little fast as because of wastage of time people wont be intrested Otherwise everything is fine and specially on girls which realises of own marriage..... Recommend

  • travel2educate

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  • prabuseo

    prabuseo It's really good The game has three stereos wash makeup and dress and existent ions and it's great for over 5's Muito bom!

  • travers

    travers Excellent It is excellent. When I play it ,it is make me happy .The girl is pretty and look so good pricess. Omg