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تتمتع رائعة ثلاثة وسادة البلياردو لعبة!
سيعقد العالم ثلاث سادة بلياردو البطولة في المدن.
مساعدة في بناء بطولة العالم للسباحة!

✔ مباراة بلياردو على الانترنت مع العالم السابق
✔ هناك العديد من لعبة وسائط المتاحة.
✔ ممارسة غير محدودة مباريات الحرة والمباريات الودية.

في تحدي لعبة الترتيب، يمكنك زيادة يكتسب عملة وتصنيفك.
يمكنك شراء سلع جديدة في متجر حصلت على عملة واحدة.

إضافة مجموعة متنوعة من لعبة وسائط المخطط:
★ البلياردو الكرة الحمراء
★ البلياردو ثلاثة وسادة (3-وسادة)
★ أربعة الكرة
★ بلياردو بركة / جيب (8 الكرة)
★ سنوكر

* هذه اللعبة تتطلب اتصال بالإنترنت.

  • World Championship Billiards‏ APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • World Championship Billiards‏ APK contains Facebook sdk - Facebook: This open source Java library allows you to integrate Facebook into your Android application.
  • World Championship Billiards‏ APK contains Google Play Games Services sdk - Google Play Games Services: Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.

تعليقات حول World Championship Billiards‏

  • bearsworth

    bearsworth In game purchasing In game purchased items ,are they permanent or they will expire after a while or after limited usege? Because there's no information in your shop. I understand why not chat is not allowed,better this way so players not abusing each other, but can you add some more word's into your preset message list please like. Hi/hello. Sorry... also How can we change flag. Because game automatically choose flag base on IP address of country we login from ,people wants to use flag of their origin , thanks,, Great job

  • Kisakookoo

    Kisakookoo It likes real I love this game,need to open more chat,texting,when I play with any player,I need to say hi and something else on conversation ,also need to have an option for regular 3 ball ,not just 3 cushion,I play this everyday,there is one thing is not same as out side that is you would never shot the ball out of the table and you would never straight the stick vertical to the table to get more affect to the way of ball rolling other than that,this designate game is wonderful,please give me a feedback in English. wow lol

  • ibaszhxxu

    ibaszhxxu Great game but New version total failure, Cool graphics problem is after 3-4 innings guest login screen pops up and makes me loose game edit:I m grateful for.a. also I don't understand korean sorry, gamsa hamnida Surprisingly

  • advancedcell10

    advancedcell10 Great game Great game! Good graphics, I only wish it has a short guideline on ball trajectory, but that's just me. Fantastic

  • yacrevorrayisedwp

    yacrevorrayisedwp New version total failure, Cool graphics problem is after 3-4 innings guest login screen pops up and makes me loose game Must have

  • redrider72

    redrider72 Cool graphics problem is after 3-4 innings guest login screen pops up and makes me loose game 5 star

  • larissa_gpn

    larissa_gpn This is a great game but After the update, every match I disconnect after about 5 mins. I lost all the money that I had saved. Has to be fixed. Other than that, nice graphics and physics, its a great game. Works great

  • louis30092

    louis30092 Me gustaria que uburia un torneo o puedas jugar con el mismo adversario y no 5 si no mas pero es muy bueno Pretty good

  • sountru

    sountru Fun game Its fun and difficult i never played pool or any game like this but its fun challenging and graphics are good Must have

  • RooneyFulton

    RooneyFulton Free coin buttons don't work Some times the free event buttons still don't work but they are working most of the time. I love the game and specially the improvements to the physics on the ball movements, still some times you can see a little weird movement but this rarely happens. Muito bom!

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