رابطة العالم لكرة القدم for Android

الطريق إلى كرة القدم الحقيقية النجومية! اللعب مجانا الآن!
  • tutorsonnet

    tutorsonnet The shoot button does not works please fix that plzzzz!!! Then I''ll rate the game 5 stars Omg

  • NasimBurns5

    NasimBurns5 Satisfied with replay and all but there shouldn't be 'locked' teams that cost micro-transaction. Overall, good game. Well done!!

  • lqzdxxxdhlm

    lqzdxxxdhlm Wow Coolest football game. You just need to adjust the names of players and teams and it will be PERFECT. Also you need to change the unlock modes.. Maybe allow users unlock them by winning matches or something. Otherwise its a very nice game. I love the replay part wow lol

  • theneomob

    theneomob Excellent football game. This is an excellent football game. I really enjoyed to play it. Getting addicted now. Perfect

  • witions41

    witions41 I like it but can you unlock other legue like spanish ligue love it

  • johntan

    johntan best game good grapic, like playstation 2, good control and no ads best game i've ever play Cool

  • jeanrey

    jeanrey Its Assam but wish for the rest o of leags to free or unlock them for free by passing the first 2 Awesome

  • kauveryhospital

    kauveryhospital I love but Change graphic to realastic graphics and the controller So hard to move the player pls update and change graphic Great job

  • johncicone

    johncicone Wrong name of the player and teams Awesome game i ever played but be sure to change the names of the players and the teams and plz unlock the teams like manchester united and argentina plz!!!!!! Well done!!

  • jean11919

    jean11919 Nice game.But when we shoot a goal,the players cheers in the same way.Plz improve that. Worth a go!

  • greenstone9331

    greenstone9331 Interesting Game I really enjoyed this game...Please correct the names of players... Remove all locked teams and tournaments so that we can have more fun... Not bad

  • Qyyjueprpzgw

    Qyyjueprpzgw Nice game Nice game, but graphics are not up to the mark, it can be more better then this. Works perfectly

  • inadjf

    inadjf Best football game in low mb great It has many types of shoot super grafices loved it very i think who see the will be download pls Brilliant

  • zkfmcp

    zkfmcp Wrong Name of Player Please correction the player name!!! And also request to you please change the unlock system to buy any country or team by coin. Surprisingly

  • IneNtOrdekrek

    IneNtOrdekrek Good game I love the controls skills how can open the national teams like Brazil Argentina Portugal and club teams like Manchester united Asernal word club championship 5 star

  • chappy_adams

    chappy_adams Nice! Not lagging to my 512 mb Ram phone! This is the game that I will NOT uninstall to my phone even there's no commentary, no create-a-team, full of ads and no customization! My only shot for a single game is not lagging, freezing, or else BLACK SCREEN! WOW THIS WAS A GAME Perfect

  • Welnishwhite

    Welnishwhite awesome a great football game...liked it so much...good work Not bad

  • lojtmj

    lojtmj Impressive It's not big in size but also it has nice quality just loved the game and enjoyable wow lol

  • paijo41

    paijo41 Good game but needs improvement there are some graphic problem and the goalkeeper doesn't were gloves and a bit more problems Works perfectly

  • acufind

    acufind Very good if you have low memory If you don't have enough memory for FIFA, Dream League, FTS etc. this is a very good game to download than a lot of terrible games that are on the play store Pretty good