رابطة العالم لكرة القدم for Android

الطريق إلى كرة القدم الحقيقية النجومية! اللعب مجانا الآن!
  • marc34pryor

    marc34pryor I LOVE it, fabulously greet. But Guys should try and add comentry to it so to make it more lively. Perfect

  • rgorgo

    rgorgo My favourite For the first time ever I actually won a football match I love this but pls let us choose out of a variety of teams I wanted to be Chelsea Flawless

  • analopez

    analopez Nice But commentary must be given....please fix it for me...cos I cant stop playing....and open all the teams with real names too..but I luv it love it

  • liu_yan2050

    liu_yan2050 Its she sh*t !!! Love this game its a fifa replica and a good game to pass the time in a waiting situation. 5 star

  • Shannonmcll

    Shannonmcll Good Good game but still have a lot of work to be done to be a great way to kill some time of the day Great job

  • Centrotrades

    Centrotrades Good game Its a nice game thou developer can upgrade the controls as well as the game play... we wont mind a few MB's more for a better interface.. Well done!!

  • Excejubrere

    Excejubrere EXCELLENT GAME AND GRAPHICS. What football you want is all here. But pls add commentry and correct spelling of player names. Just wow

  • urilkylexuark

    urilkylexuark Its good according to its size but needs many improvements lke unlocking locked teams and leagues for free or by completing any objective.. Muito bom!

  • Coobesque

    Coobesque A better game than others. Many new things to do in this game and it's also popular in the play store Amazing!

  • clourcefleX

    clourcefleX It's almost there I enjoyed the game, my only problem is the advert that's always visible it kind of deffers your concentration a little bit Go well

  • staufferman

    staufferman Awesome! Reminds me so much of my Winning eleven 9 soccer game for ps2, needs some announcers though Fabulous!

  • SniderGGeorge

    SniderGGeorge Its a very good game... If u can add the commentary and the correct spellings of the player names, it will be in competition with FIFA and dream league soccer Enjoy it!

  • livwealth

    livwealth M tooooooo much enjoy this game it's gud way to time pass really really nice game Recommend

  • intui22

    intui22 Awesome game . Because I have never played this game. It mean that it is awesom Great!

  • Thesafexam

    Thesafexam Good game But deserves only 3 stars cause there are only European countries. Pls add more continents Not bad

  • CibzidwizJill

    CibzidwizJill Lightweight Early rating. Played it for a few minutes, and it seems excellent to me. I love its size on internal storage since it can't be moved to my SD card. Get it if you haven't! Omg

  • Byronstuart

    Byronstuart Rzyreuq4 Wxg/&$";_#"^@=&&2%1% 4 £€656 the UK for the next day or two of the day and age and the rest is the best way of organising the best of the day of Christmas and a bit like the look and feel of Worth it!

  • Pronoadat

    Pronoadat I loove this game just on the England league add leicester city football club 10l10 Brilliant

  • plaibAbarpLix

    plaibAbarpLix epic game realy fun i could play this game all night thanks for making this game ceep on the good work Must have

  • micron

    micron I loved this game Good game. Good graphics. But even then something is missing in the game. If you make this game more graphical I shall give 5star. When we score a goal every time the players enjoy in the same way. So improve that. Anyway I loved the game. Marvelous