رابطة العالم لكرة القدم for Android

الطريق إلى كرة القدم الحقيقية النجومية! اللعب مجانا الآن!
  • Warspomma

    Warspomma Not bad Please improve the team that can be play..not everyone afford to buy ..especially the national team Highly Recommend.

  • stitsEnzymn

    stitsEnzymn Ratul sahai india I luv this game. The graphics r awesome. I wud lik to give 5 star if commentators r there Surprisingly

  • cjeyes

    cjeyes It's good game I think that if the graphics were more good then it would be.more good Perfect!

  • soydayLon

    soydayLon Good game.. But needs to improve a lot Players overall management could be more smooth... Passing, shooting, special moves should be easily done.. Good effort from the makers.. But it can be more interesting if they bring these improvements which will results in more n more downloads.. Hoping they would listen to my suggestions Worth a go!

  • musical2

    musical2 Brilliant This game has so much potential. It will for sure give fifa a run for its money Highly Recommend.

  • midindia

    midindia Brilliant .. Awesome .. Fabulous .. But.....! It's an excellent game but....... Some teams are locked .... And those teams are my favorite ones.! Please fix this in the next update ...... And thanks for this game ..

  • aiyqqcmb

    aiyqqcmb best game best and affordable but how to unlock all teams or atleast the champion clup championship

  • shumdw

    shumdw Gr8 I luv dis game but there r many lags on the game.plz fix it den i will give u 5stars.u can also add more celebration moves and celebration after every match and u can also add more features like create a team or edit any players.

  • pheteerieMush

    pheteerieMush Awesome! Why isn't this games on top charts of sports or soccer games this pretty legit for a soccer game!! 5 stars i fee like playing dream league soccer but a low budget version

  • orpivhfadh

    orpivhfadh Abhay Its a preety nic game. Very intresting and fabulous jst we need only one change in it...... add some more good graphics in it other wise its a very good game

  • bzoitubtul

    bzoitubtul Awesome I personally love the game. I don't know about other guys but it is awesome. Well done.

  • clinimindshyderabad

    clinimindshyderabad World football league Not bad game for this size,very fast paced game,keeps me focusing on it. Recommended for who's haven't a wifi to download a football game, I will share this to my friends or family.

  • starshina2012

    starshina2012 Loved It TouchTao Engineered The Game Works In Lag...But This One Engineered The Game Full Of Amazingness...Well Done

  • ilydumj

    ilydumj Not bad Do we have to pay money to play with big teams? Or can we unlock them as we advance the game?