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YP - الصفحات الصفراء الأكثر قوة ، تساعدك على التواصل الفوري مع الشركات المحلية الكبرى. ابحث عن أكثر من 20 مليون قائمة أعمال ، وتصفح القوائم ، وابحث عن المطبخ ، وحجز طاولة ، وشاهد أوقات العرض ، وابحث عن الغاز الرخيص ، وتصفح الخرائط. YP يساعدك دائمًا على إنجازه ، في أسرع وقت ممكن.

ماذا بعد؟
• حفظ ومشاركة الشركات المفضلة لديك ، بما في ذلك المسارح والمحلات التجارية وأكثر من ذلك
• ابحث عن الطعام الذي تعيشه في مزاج عن طريق تصفح قوائم المطاعم (إن وجدت)
• طلب رحلة لهذا العمل في ثوان ، مباشرة من أوبر
• طلب الطعام مباشرة من التطبيق من خلال التكامل GrubHub لدينا
• الوصول إلى أوقات العرض وشراء تذاكر السينما مباشرة من التطبيق من خلال التكامل Fandango® لدينا
• ابحث عن أقرب غاز ، حسب السعر أو الدرجة أو الموقع - أينما كنت
• انظر قوائم الخدمة للأطباء والمحامين وصالونات وإصلاح السيارات وأكثر من ذلك - مع التسعير وغيرها من التفاصيل المفيدة
• قم بتدوين ملاحظات شخصية عن أعمالك المرجعية
• تصفح التقييمات والتعليقات والصور
YP يمكن أن تفعل ذلك.

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تعليقات حول YP - The Real Yellow Pages‏

  • KeryIroro

    KeryIroro Kind and reassuring I needed gas and they brought it however I didn't know I had to pay because I had triple AAA so when I talked with him again I paid him it's nice to know that there are still good people Worth a go!

  • Midashooduh

    Midashooduh But ...... ......the constant notifications are a real pain. If it weren't for the fact that it's useful, I'd delete it for that one reason. love it

  • Orienemix

    Orienemix Fast info It gives me more info about businesses than the paper phone book, allows me to make the call with the touch of a finger! THANKS YP Flawless

  • oconnor

    oconnor Great to have!! Wonderful to look on here and find numbers of people and places you need.. we all don't have a phone book handy Surprisingly

  • Ploloryicetty

    Ploloryicetty Works I have only used this app a little, but it seems to work well and has nice features like map and directions. It can tell the distance from where you are if you have your own location turned on or type it in. It has a place for reviews, but that depends on people writing a review. More features too! The only thing I noticed that could be misleading is not the app's fault. Two stores nearby changed their hours and the hours listed were the old hours, not the new ones when I first checked them. Muito bom!

  • SecureBuy

    SecureBuy I have never had any problems with the Yellow Pages app. I use it more than I ever did a phone book. Thanks YP Go well

  • leisurevalley

    leisurevalley Great resource I use the APP often and it is extremely helpful and i especially like the quick link to google maps. Makes navigation a breeze. Superb!

  • fasteasysuccess

    fasteasysuccess Robbyjean63 Love this app. Wouldn't leave to go on vacation without it because it tells you all the different restaurants in the area and rates them. Keep up the good work yp!!!!! Worth a go!

  • bjennings55

    bjennings55 Super App Comes in very handy when you can't find the phone book or when you are on the go and don't want to do the 411 deal. If I had 1 reason for not giving the App 5 stars it's because should be easier for you to get or give updated information about your search subject. Other than that probably 1 of my most used Apps. I Love it! ! Highly Recommend.

  • songdew

    songdew Double check I recommend you always call ahead instead of driving to a business as the information is often not updated and you may find the business is no longer open, so call ahead. Superb!

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