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  • chasesaunders

    chasesaunders Saving the world It makes me think I'm saving the world of a zombie apocalypse and I think u all need to at least try it Muito bom!

  • Xibook8g

    Xibook8g Very addictive Simple yet addictive game. Good for when I'm bored and just wanna squish some zombies. I love the cute art style and sound design, especially the funny scream of the people running from the zombies! Makes me giggle :p love it

  • akpiactyvt

    akpiactyvt Great time waster! This is a good app. I love the game and I've installed it on multiple devices and never had an issue. It's never been glitchy or problematic. And it's capable of running without data or internet, which is great for kids and the like. Different zombies and plenty of levels. All in all it's a fun yet simple game. ^_^ Brilliant

  • compliancedocart

    compliancedocart Pure and simple Zombie Smasher gives you the opportunity to rid the world of zombies in a clearcut manner: just tap them with your finger to see their cartoon eyes pop out. But be careful, you can't kill your fellow humans, because then you'll need to start over. Good game, love the graphics! Recommend

  • arzmsqm

    arzmsqm Great game!!!!! The gameplay is amazing. Its like tap the white tiles but with more challenge and I just love it. There is something I want to point out though and it's not really bothering to me and doesn't make the game any less fun but I do want to point out that there is some typos in the achievements list. But anyways it's a great game. Fabulous!

  • eabikoorrx

    eabikoorrx Zombie smasher :0) Awesome , addictive, amazing. My son , my daughter and me have all downloaded this game and battle against each other . This game will occupy you for hours . Thank you developers on an A* game Worth a go!

  • vitodillard1

    vitodillard1 They call me "the finger" I love this game! Super easy and fun.the only ppl who won't like this game are probably zombies anyway, so you know what to do! (Splat!!) I wish I could find more games like this...maybe one where the player gets to splat lame pop stars and rappers. lol :-) Great!

  • livedatesearch

    livedatesearch Nice and addictive game This game is awesome and fun. The only part that I hate is the level with the mummy zombie because after you kill her( the mummy) you have to kill her young one when ( he/she the young one) comes out of the mummy's belly and it goes pretty fast!! 5 star

  • DoxPerlovedor

    DoxPerlovedor Excellent.....simply excellent! Simple to play, easy to understand! It ends when YOU want to need for lives or limited play. This game is recommended as a stress relief game and I would most defiantly agree! Good

  • NokePiewtit

    NokePiewtit Good game I love his game but please do something about the items bar with the lightning, the bomb and the meat. Its hard to get to them when zombies keep going underneath the items. Thanks I'll give it 5 stars when this problem is solved. Omg

  • axodernners

    axodernners I like it I like how it gets harder faster and changes in challenge. It can get tricky. And that makes it frightening. Especially if your a zombie phobe like my sister. Theyre histerical to watch Awesome

  • Lunardelli

    Lunardelli Its been a while, you and I... I love that you're still around. Oh, Zombie Smasher.. Several car rides and time spent in public buildings, having to wait, have been made bearable because you. Glad you are what you are. Til next time..❤ Enjoy it!

  • timsoulo

    timsoulo Fun little zombie game Love to play this game to kill time in the waiting room or during jury duty. Great time killer and fun to play. Doesn't ask for permission when you install it like other games. If your debating on installing it just do it. It's a great game. Highly Recommend.

  • bbgabreu

    bbgabreu Super addictive Cant help killing smashing all that zombies... Amazing fun. But dear developer at least connect it to play games so that the scores and level progress can be saved and retrieved. Playing this since last 4 years.. Need a few updates as well. Flawless

  • fibrocenters

    fibrocenters *Amazing* *It's so rub smashing zombies cause there so dumb and I hate them and thank you for making this game it's what everyone needed was a good and fun game thanks again creaters thanks!* Amazing!

  • malkadam

    malkadam It's nice!!! It's a really great game but it some times glitches but other than that it's good. Worth a go!

  • emotiontm

    emotiontm Like it The zombies are sooo cute and I really liked the graphics. Squish,squish,squish! And also its easy to play. Addicting Highly Recommend.

  • JamesClark

    JamesClark Amazing This is the best game ever I luv taking out my anger on poor helpless zombies this is really my kind of game Surprisingly

  • dkurko

    dkurko Would it be possible to save our progress? I once deleted this game because I was running low on space and decided to download it again once I had deleted other games. I had unlocked a lot of the other zombies, but re-downloading the game doesn't restore my progress. It would be great if we had this option :) Fantastic

  • awaken

    awaken Good, but challenging Decent game. Cute and fun, with different kinds of zombies. The levels are increasingly challenging. I started having a hard time after level 12 or so. By level 16 or so, it got so difficult that I could not beat the levels without using specials like electricity or the bombs. I like it, but it's hard to beat. Enjoy it!