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  • juja558

    juja558 Amazing I love this game!! Its amazing. And super addictive. Install!!! Ull fall in love!!*But could u maybe just remove the ads... It gets irretating at times because when u go into the game u accedentily click on the ad. But amazing & awesome game!!!!!* Great job

  • soccer4me

    soccer4me Amazing I love this game!! Its amazing. And super addictive. Unstall!!! Ull fall in love!!*But could u maybe justremove the ads... It gets irretating at times because when u go into the game u accedentily click on the ad. But amazing & awesome game!!!!!* Highly Recommend.

  • theronlyons46

    theronlyons46 addictive/DOES NOT MAKE SENSE/Money-brains It would be a five star game if it made sense how come the humans can walk right next to the zombie when the zombie eats brains it should be more like of the human is near the zombie the zombie should try to attack it but other than that its so addicting and you should be able to bue new zombies and back rounds with the money/brains it would be way cooler if u could!! Marvelous

  • zvtqmokeeu

    zvtqmokeeu Time Killer Very addicting and wastes time really well, the one thing I'd improve is I'd make more power ups and etc, Good

  • noch000

    noch000 Zombie Samsh It would be better if the stars you received coincided with the lives left. Doesn't matter if you have 1 or 2 lives left, you will only get 1 star. Recommend

  • ezrmfimmf

    ezrmfimmf Alerts I love this game but the alerts telling me about my extra things I can use in the game pop up when I'm playing and cover the zombies of you could just change it to where it tells you about your inventory when your paused or between levels then I would five star it Perfect

  • HawkinsonNissan

    HawkinsonNissan Erm Sometimes it doesn't register touches don't get meat all the time n touch power ups by accident but overall fun n that Marvelous

  • clubpenguinfun

    clubpenguinfun I think this is a great game all u have to. Do is. Tap the zombies and don't touch the little human boy love it

  • frurcerne

    frurcerne Love it. Very addictive Me (25) , my husband, my mother, my father, my brother, my three year old cousin. All of us play it. time killing n awesome Good

  • Kessheish

    Kessheish Excellent!!! Lovely, Addictive, Seriously man what a game... I like to give 10/10 Grt game:) Easy,Simple,Fun, in short Best Game Ever:) ;) Fabulous!

  • market_elect_mobile

    market_elect_mobile Its so fun You crush the zombies which sounds bad but its not its just a fun animated game that you smash zombies you can also use items to attract the zombies away from you Works great

  • randalblair1025

    randalblair1025 Pls... Update the little human girl Great game, I'm playing this 15hours a day, but one thing! Pls update the little human girl for different and various effects that she'll scream when I hit her, too bad, only boys here in this game,sound like girl did never exist, just pls update this Must have

  • staisyskafe

    staisyskafe Pretty fun game This game is pretty addicting, and once you hit the higher levels it gets pretty difficult. But their should definitely be a bonus for all the survivors you end up saving. Like extra brains or bonus points or something. Also the pop up ads are kinda annoying. Enjoy it!

  • finanzjoker

    finanzjoker Amazing I really enjoy this game. I love the challenge because so many come on the screen so quickly and that makes it so fun. Fantastic

  • drakeee

    drakeee Hilarious I downloaded this game for free gold but I freaking love it. LOL it's a great game with a good amount of levels as well as other modes of playing like Survival mode. I'm just a little addicted. :) Marvelous

  • Wardell

    Wardell Great animations!! Awesome game, very challenging and addictive!! Theres not too many ads considering its a FREE game. I love this and always end up wasting more time than intended. Ps. My cat loves it too! LOL =) Good

  • treatrz

    treatrz LOVE ZOMBIE SMASHER!!! It is SO fun especially when you can use a power up like my personal favorite the MEEAAT put it down and then go crazy SMASH on them YES crazy smash them...them ALLLL!!! MY LOVE FOR SMASHING ZOMBIES SHALL NEVER STOP!( evil laugh) LOL Brilliant

  • MustangSally1

    MustangSally1 So addictive and fun I love this game it's soo fun to play and I never get tired of it it's sometimes tricky but I can handle it it's a really good game thank you so much I couldn't ask for a better game Must have

  • kitkateternal

    kitkateternal Awesome Love this game super addictive fun challenging and im killing zombies lol great graphics good game size too best zombie game ever i recomend everyone to play

  • sandeepkumar

    sandeepkumar Love it This game is so addicted to me and i love it but please get rid of the adds i would still give it 5 stars.