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  • wvtqzbgedu

    wvtqzbgedu Awesome I love to kill the zombies.much better than other smashing games.this game gives levels with different zombies which is fun and challenging for me.

  • nxyfhgkvu

    nxyfhgkvu Awesome I like this game but I do not like the mom with the baby and that zombie that can go under ground but the fat ones that you hold his head explode that zombie is really easy to kill ill give it five star

  • Sendaenumbeby

    Sendaenumbeby Weeee This is fun stuff for real, but the zombies run through the extras like bombs an lightning bolts on the right hand side and when you touch the zombie it sets off your help and that's not fair! I want my bombs back because I wasn't using them I was after a zombie that ran through my bombs n lightning, an brains. Other than that its cool

  • DomGeraghty1234

    DomGeraghty1234 Most entertaining and addictive game. You kill all kind of zombies and avoid killing the humans. Best game ever. Simple, fun, and addictive game for killing zombies. Love the ingenuity in creating zombies with different abilities and speeds. Enjoy it!

  • lzvbhapvaxm

    lzvbhapvaxm Okay, real quick The squishing is way too f#cking loud, the game is extremely laggy, sometimes I don't get any brains from survival, and sometimes my touches don't register so I end up dying.


    HCIPRDIS Fun but freezes sometimes Fun game but will freeze up while its bringing up a level and you end up losing said level. When it unfreezes 3 zombies are already at the bottom. Please fix cause thats about aggravating. Surprisingly

  • bankforeclosuressale

    bankforeclosuressale Love is just a word I can't explain how much I love this game. I had it on my tablet then I broke it now here I am playing it again and there are no glitches. I have to go play it so bye oh and don't forget to download zombie crusher! Cool

  • DraisaHam

    DraisaHam Great game but .... I don't like the drill diggers they are hard when you want to tap them they decided to digg under the ground but other then that it is a orsome game I LOVE IT love it

  • sharon1762131586142

    sharon1762131586142 Entertaining Fast-paced, kind of gory, and fun. However, it can feel too easy. But overall, I recommend it. Superb!

  • PavaTedemaild

    PavaTedemaild Great game! But 1 thing! I don't like how I lose my combo when I pick up the clock for the extra 5 seconds. :/ Flawless

  • Nalclorylak

    Nalclorylak Zombie Smasher Luv this game. The name says it all u smash zombies with your finger sounds simple but as you advance levels get harder nothing fancy but very addicting and fun no glitches so far so and once u start u can't stop so download today. Highly Recommend.

  • ApomBandabomb

    ApomBandabomb Friggin AWESOME! I'm not one to play games on my phone much, but this game is awesome. So addicting! I can't put it down. It'd be nice to see some new zombies though, some different backgrounds. And maybe some more sound effects. Amazing!

  • mecanique

    mecanique Cliché Guitar hero meets zombies. Gets boring after 12th round. Tests reflects and split decisions. Mediocre if you ask me. Great job

  • carolcochran

    carolcochran Zombie Smasher Like it is so much fun to smash there's a pregnant zombie there when you press the pregnant zombie the baby bursess fast Good

  • xrx506

    xrx506 Good for a giggle This is a crazy game. Tap to kill but watch out for humans. The zombies get faster with each level and each zombie has individual characteristics, so some are easier to kill than others. Fun, past faced and entertaining. It will get 5 stars though once the issue with the screen is fixed. On later levels I have to press the screen several times to splat a zombie which means for every one kill I am missing quite a few. Fix please. Perfect!

  • diuddexutrick

    diuddexutrick It will keep you busy This game will definitely keep you busy, it can be tricky at times to try to watch out for all the zombies and not trying to hit the humans, but overall 5 stars for me Worth it!

  • Uplicsalise

    Uplicsalise Incomparable I totally love this. Haven't played a game in a while so I decided to try after scrolling thru the choices and both me and my 2 yr old (level 1 for her only) enjoy this...easiest game for her apart from dress up and educational ones. Doesn't freezes ma phone. Hate the pop up adds, but it's been great so..thumbs up Must have

  • Jeapeerybrisp

    Jeapeerybrisp Adrenaline rush for sure! Great game, almost gave 4 stars cause it seems like 1 add per level...but still worth it. Playing with my daughter and it's so exciting we are screaming! I'd pay a couple bucks for add free version. PLAY IT! Brilliant

  • debbym123

    debbym123 Zombie fun The zombies are so cute but very gruesome when you tap them with your finger but mostly fun c: Pretty good

  • 3rdgear

    3rdgear Love it! Amazing game, best zambie game that I've played threw my phone. Request if I can, if possible, when a zambie passes you can the game make a crunching sound or an evil laugh? Worth a go!