Zombie Smasher‏ for Android

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  • impokpigo

    impokpigo addictive its a good game and you have a lot of fun smashing the zombies but the thing is you have to restart if you kill a human you should just lose a life Great!

  • spirovskazorica

    spirovskazorica Ground Zero The zombies are here & we have to be ready to take the them out by whatever means... Poke them with ur finger! Simple & yet great fun & addictive. It has a few perks too, defenses that help out should u need them, such as electric shock right across their path, to fry all that may march on the attack! I'll not mention any other perk. Instead i'll leave it to u to see for yourself when u play this really simple & yet thoroughly good fun & addictive game, that u can pick up & play anytime, which is great. Go well

  • AssauMLisee

    AssauMLisee Zooomaaayyzzz!!! This is a pretty fun game! Simple - tap the zombies (there is a variety), and don't tap the humans. 3 different game modes help it so it doesn't get boring too quick. If you like killing zombies, I recommend getting this arcade game. Works perfectly

  • moize2222

    moize2222 Definitely awesome I can't stop playing it. It's probably one of my favorite games I've ever downloaded. Thank you! Fabulous!

  • myriamanaya02

    myriamanaya02 SO ADDICTING I absolutely love it. It's simple, yet fun. It's not too easy, but not too hard. Would recommend to anyone who likes a good tapper. Omg

  • designituk

    designituk Fun Pretty fun, just don't kill a human, instant ad. Which can be annoying if you aren't that good at a level. Just more incentive to get better. Who could say free entertainment is bad? Make an app ad free for those who want to pay for it or the option on this app? Just wow

  • hugh930

    hugh930 Love it! I love this game, totally addictive with cute graphics!! I almost feel bad for the little guys!! Works great

  • Ollie168

    Ollie168 Zombie smasher Fun .. Wish zombies didn't run so close to menu on right.. this game is also addictive .. have to have good eye to finger coordination. Music makes you want to quit after 3 rounds .. should have different tunes Muito bom!

  • DJParker

    DJParker Awesome!! Love this game! Very addictive & fun with all the different levels u can play!!! Mother's with babies make it really hard, yet fun!!!! Fantastic

  • butway

    butway A lot of fun Highly addictive . Lots of fun to compete with the wife. Only bad side is the adds. Awesome

  • Raireamibia

    Raireamibia Love it!! Its bloody , fun , and addicting. Recommend to anyone I even recommend it to zombies everywhere its awesome thanks!!!!?!!! Recommend

  • desperatemeasures

    desperatemeasures Amazing Love it its so addictinf o cant stop playing althougj I can never seem so beat the giant boss zombies Well done!!

  • BagionyPraniai

    BagionyPraniai ADDICTING ZOMBIE CUTENESS It is so much fun!! Its addicting, time passing and challenging. Feeling powerful. The Zombies are SO CUTE, now who would think Zombies are cute? Love this game get this app. Get this app if you love Zombies and challenges. GET THIS ZOMBIE APP!!-Brooke wow lol

  • shirl16

    shirl16 Great Game 5 Stars I jus cant get enough of this game i jus love playing zombie Games an this one its so addicting i love playing it keep up the gd wrk... Marvelous

  • xhavana

    xhavana Favourite phone game The reason I didn't give it a five star was because the bar on the side wasn't letting me kill the zombies and I had to keep on waiting for the zombie to come through the bar. Perfect

  • PexSoalaSeeva

    PexSoalaSeeva Love it Seriously love this app!! Enjoy it!

  • Jurrina

    Jurrina Feeling powerful! Zombies looked so innocent but they are not! So we better smash them till death! Not bad

  • victoria993

    victoria993 8Level Tada love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love to hear love 5 star

  • Soorioufali

    Soorioufali Very Love it ! I think theres no problem in this game cuz i never seen the problem yet ! Its really good and fun game ! Super Super love it ! Download this guyz ! Its enjoyable , fun , and , good game ! You'll love this too ! :)))) And also why theres people rate 1 stars and say disgusting and very bad , this game is good ! ure the ones bad not the game i think ! >:( And Also , ure angry and asking for how to kill the underground zombie??what??read instructions!You didnt know?Cuz ure not reading ! Brilliant

  • deppstyles

    deppstyles Looks can be deceiving This is so addicting. I didnt thinknod like it that much but its pretty awsome. Im glad i gave it a chance Perfect