Zombie Smasher‏ for Android

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  • k_blake

    k_blake Zombie smasher Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the phone . The first thing in common. It is a great time. I will be a great time at working on a daily For more thanks for sharing this is a good idea. The best way to the right now. I will have no idea why. But, I am a little while, but the best of the best. If you want me to be a good day. I will be. The first thing you can be used to be a good time to. It is a very good. The only thing that I have a good time to time. I have a good time to time. I have a good time to. Fabulous!

  • benitoburch718

    benitoburch718 Total Zombification This app is the best ever! I love the sumo zombies! They're so cute! If you rate this app 1 star, I'm gonna beat you up. Enjoy it!

  • grantodom1229

    grantodom1229 Its a great game But then I dont like it when it gets to other levels cuz its hard but hole point od the game so..... Surprisingly

  • ValintionOzi

    ValintionOzi Very good. Great time filler and quite addicting. The only negative is the zombies running underneath the perks on the right side and the worry of accidently using them by mistake or potentially missing a smash because of the cover throwing you off. Superb!

  • gajohnson

    gajohnson Fun Game Decent game, love the challenge of not hitting the normal people. Each new zombie brings a bit more challenge to the game. There could be a few less ads though. Pretty good

  • FrankMcPeterson

    FrankMcPeterson Awesome! Great game and I have been strung out for eight months, but the only problem is I am on level 59, and whatever shall I do now as it's almost over?! Well done!!

  • childcustody

    childcustody Hmm. It's amazing! Nice game! This game is so fun. I loved it. I'm a beginner and I find this game cute and nice to play. I think it is better if every level the setting/ the place will change. Not only that same road. Nice game! Superb!

  • loanvareerb

    loanvareerb Addictive!! I love this game its a lot of fun even has a challenge to it can't get enough zombie smashing with my thumbs the only problem that needs fixed asap is I have this game for my android and when I die ads pop up right after its really annoying please fix it Just wow

  • nicoleee

    nicoleee Zombie smasher I enjoy playing it but it takes time to kill all the zombies especially when the humans always interfere damn! 5 star

  • swingers4631

    swingers4631 Zombie smasher I loved it it is just so fun. The anmation is so cool. I can't Say now to it i allways wanting. To play it Go well

  • sumit11

    sumit11 joe hall don't say stupid in this game i know what are you talking about pls. don't say stupid if you don't like this game don't say stupid okay! Surprisingly

  • sergiof

    sergiof Aewsome freaken game This game so fun. I would advise anybody to download and play this game. Its really aewsome. Recommend

  • smsveil

    smsveil Nice But can u guys make it an online game so it could be save because when i restore my phone it deletes everything:( Fantastic

  • wealthinpjs

    wealthinpjs Its awesome. It totaly is awesome but the drilly thingy zombies are realy anoying ME! And the dogs go way to fast but apart from that its great fun if your going to get it check your fingers are fast Well done!!

  • beecool

    beecool It was so good It was so great for getting my frustration out cuz I have a sister that keeps bugging oh my gosh she did again that did not work Pretty good

  • kernsjer

    kernsjer Mind bobling Its truly an amazing fun loving awesome game.. Truly addicted ..with many levels to play, I don't think any ones gonna get bored with it. love it

  • sippingbits

    sippingbits Fun I really like because I get 5 to kill zombies when zombies are suppose to kill humans so I loved it as a kid Just wow

  • cwoolworth

    cwoolworth Love it, but... Great and addictive game... However there's one thing you should change in the UI, and that is the top right bar that contains powers, sometimes zombies go under it and either you click on a power or miss the zombie. Despite that, great game, great visuals and graphics! Worth it!

  • itrademax_neutral

    itrademax_neutral :) it's ok:( some times i cannot be get the meat,bomb and lightning hurriedly so the equal is FAILLED this sucks Well done!!

  • SammyS

    SammyS So awesome I just made it pass level 8 I had a hard time on level 7 and I don't give a crap Omg