Zombie Smasher‏ for Android

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  • etworoz

    etworoz Great Game is great but after a while it gets dull. Great for waiting for an appt or short car ride. Flawless

  • DentalAndHealthPlan

    DentalAndHealthPlan Free money! Acherly you can buy money you just need to download lucky patcher. So how do we do it all you need to do is download lucky patcher then,choose the amount of brains you want to buy.Then they will show you 3 ticks in 3 boxes.So all you need to do is just straight away press the OK button. wow lol

  • gubler

    gubler Awesome game very addictive must try once you play your zo mbiefied. Marvelous

  • alice963369

    alice963369 So addictive to play and kills time lol ZOMBIE KILLING. Worth a go!

  • onewordchrisday

    onewordchrisday It is a super fun game. Brilliant

  • Silver1168

    Silver1168 I love it It's super addicting it takes up a lot of time me and my niece live it thanks please make note games like this Highly Recommend.

  • Jeonotheshasy

    Jeonotheshasy Kill the time Here is a tip save all your brains till the middle of the game and trust me your gonna need it if u dont spend spend spend Cool

  • m8kitahppn

    m8kitahppn This is an awesome game app. I love this game. It helps to kill time tremendously and the best thing about this app is that it don't take much space, it only uses 6mb or so. I have passed the whole game.... Hope the maker of this app creates a sequel or adds additional stages. Thanks for creating this game, keep up the good work I have introduced it to all my friends and relatives, they also like it. By the way we are all addicted to it. Perfect!

  • michimama

    michimama Love it Its cool and addicting sometimes confusing ,i sometimes kill the kids its fun tho Awesome

  • TedTThompson125

    TedTThompson125 I just love those little zombies I really like this game. I like that really all you have to do is tap. Now having said that it is a challenging game and how fast your finger can go to beable to move to next level. It is addictive and i really like that its not gore and blood bath. I find the little zombies cute and more so funny, and i love the sound effects. The reason i gave a 4 was to collect more brains which you use to buy power ups was far and in between. Unless you were to use real money. And what fun is that. The easy way out. Not bad

  • Sophievorburger

    Sophievorburger A good way to pass the time. I missed this game so I decided to reinstall this. Gameplay, graphics, and sounds are still great, and even more enjoyable for me now that I have a bigger & better phone. The only gripes I have is that the achievements get plastered across the screen during gameplay, which makes it a bit difficult to see the zombies, and that there is no hide button for the power-ups located at the side so if one's not careful, they might activate them by mistake. Also, Google cloud save and sync options would've been nice. Brilliant

  • ncpaget

    ncpaget It's ok If you miss just one zombie you only get 1 star which I think is stuoid it's either 1 star or 3 no middle. I only keep it on my phone for my son to play when we are on a long car drive. Works great

  • mirrorwatch

    mirrorwatch Badasu I like it. It's a very fast gme. Graphic s r gd. Just started to play it so will see. Fabulous!

  • anushkadesai

    anushkadesai Zombie Smashers I like this game is pretty cool and the Zombies are pretty challenging to play with they are fast but they are also too cute for this game I give 4stars. ;) Ps. I just don't know how to kill the big guys in this game, HOW DO YOU KILL THE BIG GUYS? ?? Good

  • AutumnBrown

    AutumnBrown cool for this guy have fun on this game for ever no popups but one thing i do hate is that mom zombies if kill it the baby runs fast Fantastic

  • Pharmacyonline

    Pharmacyonline Awesome Best game I have played! Its highly addicting. Good way to pass time with no problem. I'd recommend this game for anyone! Marvelous

  • rimpahoney

    rimpahoney Play hard or go home I really like this game it's the best game I ever played out of all of these others games so to show my respect and thankful I i give it fiive* star because its the best game I evered played in the world I love this game its really fun and addicted I can't get my eyes off of it once you loose I be like dang and keep playing thanks for the best game in the world Great!

  • jovanwill

    jovanwill LETS GET 'EM I absolutely love this game. It is amazing. I love it when you tap the zombies and they just go SPLATwith blood everywhere! Muito bom!

  • maureen843

    maureen843 Awesome.. This game is fun and addicting. I don't feel comfortable killing dogs. But it is fun!!! :) Recommend

  • demoncm

    demoncm Sidebar and banner Love squishing. But the electric and bomb on the side shouldnt be there. Or atleast the zombies wont go under em. I spent them all accdntly. And the banner that says the achievements also blocks the area Fantastic