Zombie Smasher‏ for Android

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  • Paydayau

    Paydayau Good Simple Fun Not a complex game, you can dive right in and enjoy without any real practice or study. Cute graphics, fun little features and challenges. Perfect to kill a little time with to amuse yourself. My kinda game!! Marvelous

  • cheaplivingtips

    cheaplivingtips Why dogs? I love the game, but not a big fan of killing dogs. Call me a bleeding heart romantic, but I can't stomach it. Must have

  • mia123l

    mia123l Can't get enough!!! When u think it cant get any harder IT DOES I've dropped my phone a couple times playing this LOL.Great game

  • heei555

    heei555 So addictive Love this game. I can't stop playing. One of my favorite games so far. I totally recommend this game to everyone but I warn you it's like potato chips once you start you can't stop lol.